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Is Marissa Simpson Coming Back?

Marissa Simpson has been silently work behind the scenes for a while now.  After her 2012 release “Diary,” she turned her focus inward and took on the responsibilities of a family and her own label.   Keeping her writing skills sharp, she has also been writing music and recording.  Occasionally, she will release little sneak peeks of what the future may hold for us, musically.

Released today, the track titled “Without You,” took me by surprise.  The raw feel of this release has the feel of sitting right there during the recording session.  Recorded at home in her private recording lab, she demonstrates the raw power of her voice.  

Leave us a comment tell us what you think.  If you like what you hear, follow her on Soundcloud.  In the near future she may be releasing not just a single, but quite possibly the long awaited follow up to “Diary” and some visuals.  Unfortunately, “Diary” is currently un available on line, but if you send me an email, requested a digital download, I  will forward it direct to you.  

Click here to hear a song she just released today, Without You.      Click here to follow her on Facebook. Click here to request a copy of “Diary.”