Music Review On Scramn- Pay Dirt Via @adpolo Jun19


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Music Review On Scramn- Pay Dirt Via @adpolo


Wow!!! Its So Much that can be said about The Pay Dirt Project. Its Not The Typical Trendy Sound That Atlanta Has To Offer. It Offers A Tad more and I believe Hip Hoppers would Atlanta An Open Ear Instead Of Downing The Music Because Of “New Age Rappers”.  Scramn’s Pay Dirt has more detailed production and is Executively Produced By Bubba Sparxx. Not Only Does This PRoject Displays Bars But It Also Displays Content From Every Aspect Of The Game. Meaning it Shows The Real, Style, Class.


Favorite Song / And Why


Rap Shit & Sky

The Production and Lyrics was fucking bananas..

Stated All Facts No Pump Faking and Anytime Places where my family lives gets a shout out Im Pumping the Record on Repeat.

In The Verse He Stated That Valdosta Is Where It Started!!! Many may not know but 70% of my dad side of the family is from there..

Also i dont hear many rappers repping for Lil 5 Points..


And Sky is a very personal record. Most rappers are scared to show true feelings..

and he nailed it.

Bless up to Scramn and Im Eager to hear more..

You Gained A Fan homie…


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