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Which Way Iz West [Explicit]

After a long wait for friends MC Eiht and DJ Premier, this album is the culmination of a promise this two made.   Despite the rivalry of east coast and wet coast rap, MC Eiht and DJ Premier remained loyal to their friendship and promise.  Staying loyal to the boom-bap sound of so many classic gangsta rap classics, “Which Way iz West,” reminds us of a time loyalty was more valuable than gold.  

Bringing together several Death Row legends, including Lady of Rage and Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound, who initiated the beef between Mobb Deep and DPG.  Tracks like Compton Zoo make it clear why MC Eiht is considered a legend.  

Over all……I’m impressed with this album.  Kendrick may have put the west back on the map….. But MC Eiht is one of the reasons the west was on the map in the first place.   

ΩΔΘ. Thats 5 stars from the frat

Preorder on iTunes here