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Back in the day: An Editorial Peace (no typo)

Today, I bring you something…. Different.  It’s gonna be music related.  But there’s more to music than entertainment… and somewhere along the way, we forgot that.  Music is supposed to make you feel something.  Music is supposed to erase the lines that divide us.  It transcends all boundaries than man can make, becasue music is a divine art.  God spoke, and the universe took form.  Today,  I bring you a message.

By show of likes, How many of y’all remember the 80’s and 90’s?  To those of us who lived it, that was the golden age of music.  For good reason too.  Talent was at a peak.  Social barriers were being torn down.  Freedom of speech was enacted.  We had groups like N.W.A. speaking out against police brutality.  We had Tupac.

We also had groups like Blessed Union of Souls and Arrested Development.  Progressive hip-hop bands crossed all boundaries, and we owe them a debt of gratitude for that.  They transcended racial boundaries.  They busted down social stereotypes.  Tracks like Mr. Wendal exposed the homeless situation to the world.  Think about it….. this era…. was also the birth of mass communication.  We had no clue what was going on the cities until the advent of televison and cable.

MTV was born in this era.  The dark age of man came to an end.  We are still on the cusp of unity, but we are still afraid of each others differences.  Rather than focusing on what makes us different, I aim to show us what makes us the same.  Compassion.  Love.  Those qualities are what makes us the same.  Those imaginary lines that divide us have been used as tools of control for far too long.

I’m ging to leave you with this last sentence, and then i have a request.  Play the song…. then go feed someone.  Of a different race.  Stick your hand out.  Cross that line in the sand.  Someone has to be first, and we have waited for the next man for too long.  It’s our duty to be our fellow man’s keeper.

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