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Devine Dev

What’s good y’all?   Devine Dev, an emcee from Denver Colorado, a depth of hip-hop that is forgotten about by many, is signed to Liquid Assassin’s 42 Records.  With features from such underground notables as Mad Child, it leaves me wondering why he isn’t a stronger force.    It saddens me how over looked certain parts of hip-hop are and how biased we can be against a certain fanbase of artists.  A majority of underground artists will never get the light they deserve because a major portion of their fanbase is labeled as juggalos.  The ICP following.  These guys are vastly misunderstood.

Violent Era, the album in question, is not the typical teenage angst or rebellious youth screaming for attention.  This… is a call for self defense.  Personal Responsibility.  Which is exactly what the children need to hear about.  He expresses full ideas and concepts encouraging action against bullies and oppressors, rather than the mind numbing prompts to get drunk and ingest any intoxicant available.

The lyrical ability is also present.  Monster of The World, featuring Mad Child, show the use of metaphor.  His flow is well developed all the way through.  His use of poetic technique such as elaborate rhyme schemes, internals, externals, and double, and even triple en tendre’s, is prominent.

Overall, Devine Dev is going to be a voice that will be heard.  The Underground is where the real hip-hop is.  And I highly recommend he stay there.  Mainstream will kill his rebellious nature.  And that is what makes this artist who he is.