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Horseshoe Gang issues a challenge to Facebook rappers

In the spirit of friendly competition, Horseshoe Gang does what Horseshoe Gang does best.  Dropping a track at 2am last night, Horseshoe Gang has issued a challenege to other online rap crews aiming to increase lyricism and comradery.  Their challenge isn’t a beef.  It’s not a diss.  Just a friendly reminder that at the heart of hip-hop lies competition, and lyrics.

In an era of rap where the beat seems to be more important than content, squads like Horseshoe Gang, The Fraternity, and LSP, are the exception.  This challenge hopes to bring some other squads out of the dark and place them directly in the light for fans of lyricism and content.  This is just the firsst track to be seen from the challenge, and honestly, I am excited to see more.

So without, further delay, here is Horseshoe Gang’s “Let’s do That.”