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Jared Wesley

In introduction to Jared Wesley, I couldn’t have stated it more clearly…so I’ll just let him take the floor.  I’ll be back for the review.

“Upon first glance the rapper known as Jared Wesley, gives off the appearance of your normal everyday citizen but don’t let the look fool you he still has a talent for making music and plans to be a pioneer in the music industry by mainly focusing on being creative in Hip-Hop. Jared Wesley’s unique sound comes from the fact for most of his childhood he listened to R&B / Soul, Alternative, and Pop music, in addition he wasn’t introduced to Hip-Hop until his early teen years and he first started making Hip-Hop music as a producer / engineer. Due to this exposure to different kinds of music, his ear for music as a producer / engineer and the fact he has never written a line it makes for a unique and unforgettable listening experience anytime you listen to a Jared Wesley record. His overall goal is to open the minds of individuals and make people more aware of the artistic element behind making Hip-Hop music.”

And before I say anything about his sound….. It’s Zone 4.  It can’t be stopped.  They don’t sleep.


He is boombap meets New New York.  No, that’s not a typo.  He’s got the vibe of deep south, with the flow and sound of New Jack City.  It’s been a while since I’ve heard something as unique as Zone 4.  I first encountered this track on a music submission site that I use to gather submissions.  When I heard it…I stopped everything I was doing and sat down.  I usually listen as I move.  But his content gave me pause.  In an era where the fewer the word count, the better the song… someone spitting real bars grabs my attention every single time.

Using such technicalities as internals and externals, complex use of rhyme schemes and vibrant use to the English language, Jared Wesley, should be a household name for anyone who claims they listen to real rap.  This guy…is real rap.  Be on the look out for more content from Jared Wesley and myself.  I listen to a new track daily.


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