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Loose Logic has No Shame

Ian Westbrook, better known as Loose Logic, is an aspiring musician, singer, and hiphop artist from sunny California.  As a member of The Fraternity Music Group, Loose Logic has been kicking up dirt and making steam at every turn.  As a notable contestant in many of Tech 9’s online rap competitions, as well as being in many other underground music competitions, Loose Logic, has made himself into a lyrical force to be handled accordingly.

Today, I bring to you the first single from his upcoming LP.  The song, “No Shame.”  The album “Refelctions.”  And as always, He has no shame in discussing the human within, his fears, hopes, dreams, struggles.  Everything.  He puts it all on wax in one track.  Take a listen.  Leave a comment.  Tell me what you think.


If your really feelin it… hit his facebook page.  Loose Logic

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