The evolution of an artist

I’ve been in the game for a few years now. Been on every level of it from club promoter to label owner to recording engineer. And my favorite part of the game has been watching artists I follow grow up. Not their musical abilities, but their actual development.

Santino Corleon has been one of my favorite artists to watch develop. He’s gone from party music to daddy music and his growth in music has paralleled his actual growth. The reflection is always present in his music. Meaning, you can always feel wheres he is at in life with his music. But this next album he’s dropping, this next album, I feel is his magnum opus.

He’s not a party rapper anymore. He’s a lyrical force not to be messed with. Check out the teaser video for the first single, No Baby Momma, off his new album, Therapy, set to drop March 1st. Get ready for some therapy.

Fun fact: that’s his son in the video and he’s still with his baby momma.