Listen, Rate and Download “I GREW UP” by BAND UP YC

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Listen, Rate and Download “I GREW UP” by BAND UP YC



Chance Jenkins aka.(Banup YC) was born August 20th 2002 in Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up Bandup YC had lots of influences including Kodak Black. So he critiqued his own artistic flow creating Bandup YC.It was never really like a aha moment he just knew one day he was gonna do it big and this is part of the process. Bandup YC is always studio-bound creating new material for future albums and E.P’s. Recent music including: I Grew up feat.(Ray Jr).

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Damar Jackson’s highly anticipated album, U2.

Hailing from DeRidder, Louisiana, Damar Jackson has become a top R&B voice, especially in the South. His new album, U2, is a follow up to his previous album, Unfaithful. With only 12 tracks, Damar was able to deliver some of his finest writing and production.

Link: https://music.apple.com/us/album/1464277898?app=music&fbclid=IwAR0oifK1L3iHwU2fxpJh_NS2KayVI8eGZjk-1eWu98zRN_d6HZw1FH6Rhs8

Social Media:
Twitter @damarjackson
Instagram @damarjackson

MONSTA X & STEVE AOKI COLLABORATION “PLAY IT COOL” DVBBS REMIXSTREAM HEREFOR MORE INFORMATION ON MONSTA X:INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | SPOTIFY | FACEBOOKNew York, NY – May 24, 2019 – “Play It Cool,” the booming collaboration with K-pop supergroup, Monsta X and Steve Aoki, gets remixed by DVBBS. This remix adds a new vibrant, festival-like experience to the already highly successful single, which made its presence known on the Billboard HotDance/Electronic Chart [watch the video here]. Monsta X’s vocals give a looming vibe during the middle of the song but together, both the K-pop sounds and Steve Aoki house music come together in an anthem-like tune. Their profound voices stay in your head all day, and this track redefines what love and relationships look like” states EDM Tunes.
 Monsta X are kicking off their ‘we are here’ world tour on June 1st in Bangkok, and will weave through places such as Sydney, London, Mexico City, closing out with a bang in 6 cities throughout the U.S.

Bases Loaded Records own, Shunie’s latest album titled, “Shunie World”.

When asked about the creative process of behind Shunie World..

It’s simple. It’s me, it’s my world. I look at it like this, you have a world full of rappers, and in some way they all correlate – they all are the same in some way they either sound the same, look the same, or all rap about the same thing just in a different way. Then there’s “ShunieWorld”, a world no other rapper can get in because there’s no one like me. I can do anything! It’s no way I can get a bad review because whatever you like you can get that. If you want some bubble gum I’ll give you a piece of gum. If you want some concept I’ll read you a book. It’s a win-win situation. My cover explains it all. My cover is my world!

Money Mu’s latest visual for “Big”.

Money Mu blasted on the Atlanta Music Scene a year ago with his hit single “Hittin'” and after grinding out and making a name for himself – he released his first mixtape “Believe” to rave reviews. He previewed his project and an original documentary at a “Believe Listening Experience” that subsequently led to Quality Control’s Pierre (“P”) Thomas posting himself vibing to Money Mu’s new project and a frenzy of bookings and new opportunities for the Atlanta artist Money Mu. The project has a various selection of producers including June James, Mondo and King Court.

His latest video release is for the song “Big” produced by King Court. The refreshing take on a kickback – the video was directed by Tyler Jefferson of Jefferson Productions. Money Mu encourages everyone to “Go Big” in all that they do – the same way he’s approached his music career. If this is any indicator on the direction of Money Mu’s career – he has a long prosperous road ahead of himself.

My music has always painted a realistic picture of my circumstances. When I wrote DOI 1 & 2, I was at a place in my life where I had to get it out the mud, a mirror image of my trials and tribulations that shaped me as a man. The sacrifices I made then are what allows me to live how I do now, which is what you will hear on DOI 3. I’ve really grown and matured and have a different type of lifestyle. It’s a blessing to make it out of where I came from, so I have to celebrate now.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/1nefew/sets/definition-of-it-3

Artwork: attached

Social Media:
Instagram @1nefew
Twitter @1nefew

Nefew’s newest project titled “Spray Paint My Name On The Wall”, just two weeks ago he gave us “Definition Of It 3”. Stay tuned for more to come!!

“Spray Paint My Name On The Walls” is me claiming legendary status. In the hood, people spray paint legends name on the wall to pay homage to that person. I felt like the title was so catchy because I’m also painting pictures on every song. This project will resonate with my day one fans who fell in love with DOI1-2 because it’s that same type of gritty raw uncut flow that made them take a liking to me in the first place. It’s basically “going through it” music as I would call it.


Link: https://soundcloud.com/1nefew/sets/spray-paint-my-name-on-thewall

Social Media:
Instagram @1nefew
Twitter @1nefew